Saera Electric Launches Electric Golf Cart In India


Saera Electric, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, has increased its product range with the unveiling of its new electric Golf Cart in India.

The new Saera Golf Cart features a monocoque frame, a maintenance-free AC drive system, cabin lights, and bucket seats. The LED headlamps, tail lamps, and indicators are integrated into the vehicle’s DRL. This new electric golf cart also features MacPherson suspension, 10-inch all-terrain tires, and a MacPherson suspension. It also features hydraulic brakes, an automatic lifter brake pedal, and a digital speedometer that displays a service alert.

Saera Electric’s Managing Director Nitin Kapoor stated, “Our new Electric Golf Cart, which is a buggy-like golf cart, is an addition to the existing line-up of EVs. It is expected to accelerate our growth in terms of both productivity and market penetration.”

Saera Electric claims that it was the first Indian company to introduce an electric rickshaw with Mayuri under its brand. It also received an ICAT vehicle approval certificate from the International Center for Automobile Technology. It also produces e-scooters with low speeds under the Yogo Bikes name. Saera currently has three manufacturing facilities in Rajasthan, Haryana as well as Uttar Pradesh.

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